Out of the Shadows

A Collection of Supernatural Thrillers

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There are things that lurk in the darkest corners of our minds. Things that devour our flesh, shatter our sanity, and consume our souls. If permitted to roam free, our world will be pushed to the edge of annihilation. And there will be only one way to survive.


A drunk, ex-cop awakens to discover that everyone in his town has suddenly disappeared. A pair of police detectives race through a blizzard, hunting a serial killer with inhuman abilities. A broken woman chases the ghosts of her past as her sanity slowly crumbles. A young man is pitted against an evil presence as his father’s asylum reveals its dark secrets. A lonely diner cook is thrust against his will into a cataclysmic battle between supernatural forces.

Amidst the unrelenting darkness, these tortured souls are the world’s only chance for salvation.

And if they cling to any hope of survival, they must overcome their demons and fight their way out of the shadows.

*     *     *

Out of the Shadows is a collection of thrillers that explores redemption in the face of overwhelming odds and frightening, supernatural events.